AliExpress Shopping – How to Buy on AliExpress?

AliExpress is the world’s leading e-commerce site for cheap online China products. The site offers particularly attractive prices in light of the fact that prices in China are cheap compared to Western countries.

More and more users are buying on the AliExpress website, the site is breaking records of worldwide purchases and person people are leaders in such purchases online.

On the Ali-Express e-commerce site, you can find millions and even billions of products from all kinds of fields, from plastic or disposable products that cost less than one dollar up to much more expensive products and are sold for thousands of dollars. By the way… There are also top brands on the site.

AliExpress website exists in one location that is in China (unlike sites such as Amazon or eBay) and is a subsidiary of wholesale/retailer marketplace Alibaba.

There are many advantages to purchasing through the site: low prices, excellent availability, wide variety, security, and even good quality (yes.. there are products of excellent quality). In this article, we will explain to you how to buy on Aliaxpress, how to find products and more.

So how do I open an Ali Express account?

The first thing we recommend is to open a free account on the AliExpress website and then proceed to search and buy products. Of course, this is not mandatory, but it better to do it right from the start.

To create first, you must log on to Ali Express’s website in English, or another language you want. In any case, you can change the language and currency at the top of the site.

Then, in the top menu, access an area called “My AliExpress” and then click on the “Join” button. Sometimes there will be a button called Account that you need to click. To sign up, you need to fill in your email and password or login through Google, Facebook, or other social networks.

Product Search

After registering, the site will take you to the homepage, and if not, you can click on the logo or the link above in this article. The main page is the most popular page and includes various promotions and benefits. But there are other ways to look for products correctly:

  • Search – One option is to search for the product or brand in the search box. The more accurate information you enter, the more focused your search will be.
  • Menu – The side menu allows you to search for products using product categories, for example, technology products, clothing, footwear, home products and more.
  • Promotional Pages – Ali Express occasionally creates various promotional pages such as Chinese Bachelor Day and more.

Once you’ve chosen the preferred way to search for products, it’s worth filtering out irrelevant results. AliExpress allows you to filter search results by the following filters: Brand, Minimum Price, Maximum Price, Free Shipping, 4 Stars and Over, Subcategories, Type, Model, Size, Size, Color, Compatibility with Other Product and more.

The larger the filter, the lower the number of results, but it will be more focused and therefore better for you.

How to choose a good product?

Most products good, but some just look good and that’s all. You should also know how to choose a good product that fits your requirements, including important features for you. There are a few things we recommend you consider when purchasing a product on the AliExpress website:

  • Reviews (Quantity + Rating) – Consumers buy products based on social impact, with other people recommending or not recommending a particular product they previously purchased. After the purchase, they also provide their product reviews. Look for a product with a 4-star rating or higher and at least dozens of ratings.
  • Price – an expensive product is better even when it comes to AliExpress website. It is very easy to be tempted to purchase a cheap product, but you should find out its quality. Sometimes you should consider a more expensive product but one that suits you better.
  • Shipping – A product page also contains important information about the price and time of delivery. Free shipping usually takes the most time (up to about 60 days, usually less). You can pre-order the product and purchase a faster shipping package.
  • Product Description and Features – It is important to get product information through the Product Description and Features. There you should make sure it is indeed the product you want to purchase, it fits by size, color, brand, quality, or any other measurement parameter.
  • Warranty – It is recommended to look for the warranty provided on the product. This is the case, for example, if the product is invalid/broken or has not arrived or simply to replace it. The information appears within the Product Page under Seller’s Warranty alongside the Product Description, below the Product Pictures.
  • Seller rating – It is worth choosing a seller/supplier with at least a 95% rating. This information appears at the top of the product page, along with the vendor name.

Tax on online shopping

You should know what the tax policy is regarding import into the country. The policy may change from time to time, and this affects the amount of tax you can pay.

How to Buy Products on AliExpress?

If you have come here, so you have found the product you want to buy and it meets your requirements. To purchase it, click on the “Buy Now” button. Of course, you can add the product to the cart if you buy several products together, and then you can pay for them all at the same time.

When you click, you will be taken to another page where you have to fill in your details such as full name, residential address, telephone, and other details. You can enter any address you want the product to arrive, or at least send a message that the product has arrived and you will be able to pick it up at pickup point.

How to pay for the purchases?

Eli Express allows you to pay by several primary forms of payment:

  • International Credit Card – A 16-digit card like Visa, American Express or MasterCard. It can be purchased by the bank or credit company.
  • Prepaid card – You can also purchase a prepaid credit card.
  • PayPal – There are providers that allow you to get paid with PayPal.
  • Additional Services – There are other services offered by the site such as wire transfer or transfer through various providers.

Shipping tracking via AliExpress

To see all your orders and payments, you must log in to the order manager on the site. There you can select the product you purchased and receive a code for tracking shipping. This code can be entered with the supplier who sends the product and knows where the product is located.

It may also be possible to obtain the information through the postal company.

Deals and discounts at AliExpress

Occasionally Eliaxpress offers promotions, coupons discounts and consumer benefits on several types of products. Here are links to keep:

AliExpress Customer Service

From time to time we need to get official help from representatives of the AliExpress website. For example, delivery that did not arrive, incorrect charge, a dispute with the supplier and more. In such cases, you can contact Ali Express Customer Service here.