eBay shopping – how to buy on eBay easily?

Want to know how to buy on eBay? You’ve come to the right place, this is the most professional online shopping guide on eBay. eBay site is one of the oldest e-commerce sites in the world (since 1995) that allows you to buy many products and services online. Sellers can also offer their products there.

Since then, the company has become one of the leaders in the field, and perhaps even a leader in product auctions. The site allows you to make an immediate purchase of the products or place an offer at the auction where the winner is the one who receives the product.

eBay manages several different websites they own, in addition to the main site with com extension, there are special sites for different countries like England, Germany, Holland, France, and more.

Why to buy on eBay?

Before we show you the explanation of buying on the eBay site, it’s important to know the benefits:

  • Variety – eBay offers a huge pool of products of all kinds.
  • Availability – Each product you want to buy has usually available and existing inventory. There are many sellers on the same product.
  • Security – eBay offers security and insurance to every buyer who buys through the site.
  • New and used products – Want to buy a cheaper product because its box is malfunctioning or the product opens and is almost unused? It is possible.
  • Auction – eBay offers the option of purchasing products through a tender, so those who bid the most expensive price will purchase.
  • Not just physical products – eBay offers products that are not just physical products, but also virtual ones like websites and other services.

Registering account on eBay site

To make the purchase, you need to create a free eBay account. Of course, you can start searching for products without opening an account, but you should first create an account in the first phase.

To do this, you need to register on the eBay website at www.ebay.com. Then, at the top and above the site logo there is a link called “Register”, when you click on it you will be taken to the registration page on the site.

The registration form must enter your name, last name, and email address. You can also register via Facebook or Google. Choose the right and convenient way for you to use the same method for the following times.

Product Search – How to Search for Products on eBay?

After registering and logging on to the site, you can search for products in the following ways:

  • Search – You can enter the product name, brand, or keyword in the search box. More data, more accurate and fewer results.
  • Menu – Next to the eBay search box is a menu that allows you to find products by product categories, for example, computers and smartphones, shoes and clothes, home goods, electronics and more.

When choosing the preferred way, it is very useful to filter products by product type, size, color, quality, delivery, model, brand, direct or tender purchase, and more.

How to find a good product?

A good product is a product that meets your requirements, it is a product that has the features that will serve you and what you need. Here are some things to consider when buying a product:

  • Reviews (Quantity + Rating) – Many consumers when purchasing products provide their product review. Purchase a product that has a rating of at least 4 stars and above, and also have at least a few dozen ratings.
  • Price – The more expensive the product, the better it should be, and vice versa. This does not mean that all cheap products are not good, so it is important to compare apples to apples rather than apples to oranges.
  • Delivery – Each product page shows how much shipping costs and how long the product will reach you. If you want to get the product ahead of time, it will usually be more expensive.
  • Product Features – Read the product features you want to buy. This is how you will know if it meets your needs.
  • Product Description – Check if the description of the product, including how to use it and other information, is all the information you need to make a good decision.
  • Warranty – Look for the product warranty. What happens if the product is incorrect, inappropriate, small/large and the like. The information appears within the Product Page under Seller’s Warranty alongside the Product Description, below the Product Pictures.

Tax on online shopping

You should know what is the taxation policy on imports in the country. The policy may change from time to time and this has an impact on the amount of tax you may pay.

How to choose a good seller/supplier?

A good product is great, but buying online also includes choosing a good supplier. Here’s what to check:

  • Seller rating – On the product page on the right, it shows the supplier’s name and rating. Choose a provider that is rated 98% or higher, or who with the “Top-rated seller” tag.
  • Seller’s Warranty – The product page shows the warranty that the seller provides under various conditions such as the product is bad, the product is not suitable for you or the product is worn/inappropriate, check it.
  • Reviews – Read the reviews of the product and other products to understand if this is the service that you will also receive from it.

Tip: Talk to the vendor for more information from them as they review customer service.

So how to buy products at eBay?

At the end of the product and seller selection process, you simply need to “Buy it Now” or add to the cart if you want to buy more products together. Then, you will be taken to fill in more information about you, as we said at the beginning of the article.

If there is a “Place Bid” button, which is a quotation, appears, then you can bid on the product to buy the same with an auction mechanism. In this case, the winner is the one who will bid the highest price at the end of the auction.

How to pay at eBay?

eBay allows you to purchase products through two main ways:

  • International Credit Card – A 16-digit credit card that allows you to make an international purchase, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and more. Contact your bank or credit card company to order one.
  • Prepaid Credit Card – You can also purchase prepaid credit card, by contacting your financial institution.
  • PayPal – You can also buy with PayPal, which is a virtual wallet that provides an extra layer of protection.

Tracking orders

After placing the order and payment, you have to wait for the product to be shipped. To see all your orders and to track shipping, you need to log in to “My eBay”. This is your personal area where you can see your order history and all the extra information.

You should request an international tracking number to see where your package is at any given moment

Deals, discounts, coupons

There are several ways in which you can also enjoy better prices, such as promotions, various discounts and even coupons. Here are some of them:

  • eBay Main – The main page is updated from time to time and may include an offer or equivalent benefit.
  • Best-Selling – Which Products Are Best-Selling? You can see it at this link.
  • Daily Deals – All kinds of interesting deals worth following (this link).
  • Trending Products – Various products that are in the trend and are of interest to users (this link).

That’s it .. To make a purchase, sign in now: